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Ready or Not, the "Sharing Economy" (ala Airbnb) Is Here

by Lisa Harms Hartzler, Sorling Northrup Attorneys

The city of Chicago's short-term rental ordinance runs 48 pages requiring licensing, reporting, fees and taxes. Other communities ask for simple registration. Awareness of your local requirements is a good idea
the "sharing economy" is here – good or bad, ready or not.


LEGAL CASE STUDIES • by Lisa Harms Hartzler, Sorling Northrup Attorneys

Market Value Paid for Goods & Services? Then RESPA OK

Section 8 & RESPA, appraiser license revocation, reasonable accommodations (fair housing), and commercial lease option requires strict notice compliance. Review 5 recent legal case studies affecting the business of real estate.

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Recent IDFPR Real Estate Disciplines

A real estate managing broker license was fined $1,000 for engaging in unprofessional conduct by improperly recording a lien against a residential property for the purpose of receiving compensation. Read more.


Advertising Violations Count for Close to Half of Ethics Citations

Standards of Practice Article 12-5 of the Code of Ethics requires REALTORS® to disclose the name of their real estate firm in a reasonable and readily apparent manner in all advertising including social media sites such as Facebook. Learn more.

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New Member Benefit: House Counsel Program

The “roadshow” features in-house legal counsel Betsy Urbance and Jeff Baker, direct from your location where they will cover the latest legal issues affecting your Illinois real estate business and answers to your questions. There must be at least 100 attendees expected in order to use this new service—call the Legal Team at 217-529-2600 to schedule a visit for your office.

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Fair Housing video


What are "Reasonable Accommodations" for Rentals?

Find out in a series of fair housing videos created for Fair Housing Month.

Also, Illinois REALTORS® partnered with the Illinois Department of Human Rights on the launch of its "Guidebook for Housing Professionals on Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications," addressing housing discrimination for people with disabilities. Watch for a new CE course offering—Guide to Reasonable Accommodations & Modifications for Housing Professionals—using this popular guidebook, from Illinois REALTORS® Licensing and Training Center.


New IDFPR Portal for License Transfers

A new Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation web portal allows licensees and managing brokers to deactivate or transfer licenses—reinforcing the importance of independent contractor agreements between licensees and sponsoring brokers.

Did the Brokers in Your Office Renew their License by the April 30 Deadline?

Get a handy "what's next" Q&A for Illinois broker licensees—and their managing brokers—from our education and legal experts.
Broker Renewal FAQs
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REALTOR® Advocacy Stops More Fees, Taxes and Red Tape on Real Estate

We can count many wins for our members in the March Primary Election, including stopping three home rule attempts. Home rule basically hands over a blank check to local governments. We get involved in these local races because they are less costly and have great impact to the business of real estate.
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Mortgage Resources for Summer Selling Season

One of the most highly shared consumer resources on our social media this spring selling season has been a home financing resources list – download and share it!

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